7 Rules to Follow Before You Buy Your Next Pair of Running Shoes

Join my good friend Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and me on the Trail Runner Nation podcast as we highlight a few key factors to consider before you buy your next pair of running shoes. We cover: Find a credible store and fitting expert Step & Feel What is the right size? Use all your senses toContinue reading “7 Rules to Follow Before You Buy Your Next Pair of Running Shoes”

Sleep…the hidden elixir of life and performance?

There have been years of countless articles touting the benefits of getting enough sleep. But along with those informational articles are plenty of questions that arise: Should I get 7 hours or 9 hours of sleep? Do I sacrifice an hour of sleep to get in an extra hour of training or exercise? Will gettingContinue reading “Sleep…the hidden elixir of life and performance?”

Stand up…it may make you feel better

Before I start, please stand up. Ok, now you can begin reading. In a recent issue of the American Journal of Health Studies, Dr. Myia Graves Mrs. Carrie Edwards, Dr. Eddie Hebert, Dr. Dan Hollander, and myself (the whole team teaches at Southeastern Louisiana University together) had an article published about the effects of standingContinue reading “Stand up…it may make you feel better”

Sports Medicine Broadcast: Listener spotlight

Had the wonderful opportunity to tell my story of facing cancer and what I have learned as a result of it with Jeremy Jackson of the Sports Medicine Broadcast. The Sports Medicine Broadcast is an informative series of podcasts that Jeremy, and University of Houston Athletic Training Program faculty member Josh Yellen, host with guestsContinue reading “Sports Medicine Broadcast: Listener spotlight”

Running for Your Life: Steps you can take for a lifetime of running enjoyment

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST NOW! Here I talk with the gang from Trail Runner Nation about the importance of running or moving for your entire life and how you can do it. Stuff we mentioned: Candice Burt’s 200/100 daily workout Running Times Masters Runners 10-Minute Strength Circuit Book, “Play: How it Shapes the Brain, OpensContinue reading “Running for Your Life: Steps you can take for a lifetime of running enjoyment”

Morning Feet

Here is a simple, effective way to “wake up” your feet in the morning. No special equipment is really needed. It takes only a few minutes and can have lasting positive effects on your athletic performance and overall health. Ankle circles (rotate your foot 15x clockwise, 15x counterclockwise) Gas pedals (push down and pull backContinue reading “Morning Feet”

Small changes. Better daily movement.

Incorporating subtle little changes in your daily life that lead to being more physically active is something many of us strive towards. While more movement is good, I think that moving in the right patterns is even better. Not only is it more comfortable to do, but also it will allow you to keep movingContinue reading “Small changes. Better daily movement.”