Becoming a More Efficient Mover

Thanks to my friend Jonathan Beverly (read more about Jonathan’s work HERE), Senior Running Editor at Outside Online, I was asked to give my thoughts on what made people better runners. Having been running for over 30 years, I have developed a pretty good sense of what works and what doesn’t. So from personal experience,Continue reading “Becoming a More Efficient Mover”

KSL(coming at)U radio show – become an athletic trainer

KSLU host, Amber Narro, spoke with Dr. Kirsten Cunha and me about the new Southeastern Louisiana University Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) degree. What is an athletic trainer? Athletic trainers are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who render service or treatment and reduce risk in a variety of settings. Some people confuseContinue reading “KSL(coming at)U radio show – become an athletic trainer”

7 Rules to Follow Before You Buy Your Next Pair of Running Shoes

Join my good friend Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and me on the Trail Runner Nation podcast as we highlight a few key factors to consider before you buy your next pair of running shoes. We cover: Find a credible store and fitting expert Step & Feel What is the right size? Use all your senses toContinue reading “7 Rules to Follow Before You Buy Your Next Pair of Running Shoes”

Tactics for Last-Minute Exam Prep and Success

Southeastern Louisiana University Kinesiology and Health Studies Instructor Mr. Brad Borland (he has a great website…read HERE) and I were guests on the Southeastern Center for Faculty Excellence Faculty Pride Podcast.  Finals start next week for our students so we were fortunate enough to impart some tips on the listeners to guide them to short-term success (fingers crossed).  We will be backContinue reading “Tactics for Last-Minute Exam Prep and Success”

Artist Room Creations – support a young artist

My daughter is talented. Super talented. And focused. Especially when it comes to creating something really beautiful. Like the paintings that she has for sale.  She will stay at her easel for hours to get her paintings just the way she likes. I don’t get it as I have limited artistic skills, but I loveContinue reading “Artist Room Creations – support a young artist”

Sleep…the hidden elixir of life and performance?

There have been years of countless articles touting the benefits of getting enough sleep. But along with those informational articles are plenty of questions that arise: Should I get 7 hours or 9 hours of sleep? Do I sacrifice an hour of sleep to get in an extra hour of training or exercise? Will gettingContinue reading “Sleep…the hidden elixir of life and performance?”

Stand up…it may make you feel better

Before I start, please stand up. Ok, now you can begin reading. In a recent issue of the American Journal of Health Studies, Dr. Myia Graves Mrs. Carrie Edwards, Dr. Eddie Hebert, Dr. Dan Hollander, and myself (the whole team teaches at Southeastern Louisiana University together) had an article published about the effects of standingContinue reading “Stand up…it may make you feel better”

Dear Yankee…”Recipe for Harmony”

In the January/February 2021 issue of Yankee Magazine, pie was a hot topic (sorry, couldn’t avoid the warm food pun).  “The Comfort of Pie: Something we can all agree on” went into depth about two areas that I particularly enjoyed: the tools of the trade for pie makers and the stories behind why people makeContinue reading “Dear Yankee…”Recipe for Harmony””

Hug your athletic trainer during National Athletic Training Month

I had the great fortune to be a guest on the morning show of The Lake – 94.7FM. Charles Dowdy, the host, and I spoke about the importance of the athletic training profession, the mission of the NATA to spread awareness of the need for athletic trainers during this National Athletic Training Month (#NATM), theContinue reading “Hug your athletic trainer during National Athletic Training Month”