7 Rules to Follow Before You Buy Your Next Pair of Running Shoes

Join my good friend Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and me on the Trail Runner Nation podcast as we highlight a few key factors to consider before you buy your next pair of running shoes. We cover: Find a credible store and fitting expert Step & Feel What is the right size? Use all your senses toContinue reading “7 Rules to Follow Before You Buy Your Next Pair of Running Shoes”

The Mental Cost of Changing Your Stride

I was graciously asked by Jonathan Beverly, Editor/Runner-in-Chief, from PodiumRunner to contribute to this piece.  Thanks to writer Laura Peill for putting my thoughts into understandable text. If you are looking for the option of traditional health check the top 8 Health Tips From Traditional Chinese Medicine. Enjoy!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED – My 2016 Marine Corps Marathon storybook

  I had waited over two years for this day to come. On my training runs, I would sometimes close my eyes and imagine running the course. As the finish line would approach, I would have the “perfect image” in my head of what the last few hundred yards would look like…feel like to me.Continue reading “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED – My 2016 Marine Corps Marathon storybook”

Sports Medicine Broadcast: Running mechanics

Building a better human is a better way to run better. But we have the bodies we are born with.  When it comes to running, there are certain things you can do to move better. Have a listen as Jeremy Jackson,  Josh Yellen, and I sit down and talk about running mechanics. Hope you enjoy!Continue reading “Sports Medicine Broadcast: Running mechanics”

Running for Your Life: Steps you can take for a lifetime of running enjoyment

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST NOW! Here I talk with the gang from Trail Runner Nation about the importance of running or moving for your entire life and how you can do it. Stuff we mentioned: Candice Burt’s 200/100 daily workout Running Times Masters Runners 10-Minute Strength Circuit Book, “Play: How it Shapes the Brain, OpensContinue reading “Running for Your Life: Steps you can take for a lifetime of running enjoyment”

Weekend at New Balance Grand Prix Indoor

What a fantastic experience it was Valentine’s Day weekend with my friends from New Balance, new and old, and at the New Balance Grand Prix Indoor track meet in Boston. I was put up in the Lenox Hotel on Exeter Street overlooking Boylston Street – just half a block from the marathon finish line. AndContinue reading “Weekend at New Balance Grand Prix Indoor”

Small changes. Better daily movement.

Incorporating subtle little changes in your daily life that lead to being more physically active is something many of us strive towards. While more movement is good, I think that moving in the right patterns is even better. Not only is it more comfortable to do, but also it will allow you to keep movingContinue reading “Small changes. Better daily movement.”

“Shoe Talk” on the Natural Running Center

I see folks of all shapes, sizes, abilities, aspirations, and limitations in my shop. Ever wonder the questions they ask me about shoes, training, and health on the shoeroom floor?  Well, the folks at the Natural Running Center did. Here is a piece I did with the Natural Running Center – “Shoe Talk with Dr.Continue reading ““Shoe Talk” on the Natural Running Center”