More Daily Movement

Of course we know that every new calendar year brings with it the chance to change things for the better – our personal status, our financial well-being, our daily life. Out with the old and in with the new. But I feel that every Fall brings a renewed opportunity for improving our health and increasing our daily vigor as the air becomes crisp and there is a dramatic change in the scenery for much of the United States.

And every year I get asked, “How can I get healthy?” Most folks think that they are in for a major life overhaul. Actually, that is not the case. By installing some small, consistent changes in your life, you will be on the right track to a happier, healthier, and more productive year.

“Wearables” are the thing right now in the health world, according to a post on NatuRoids. Fitbit, VivoSmart, or whatever you want to call the latest activity tracker, encourages you to keep moving throughout the day when you might otherwise be sedentary. The devices even buzz and blink when you are stationary for too long. Even if you don’t want to be reminded to keep moving throughout the day, there are ways that you can incorporate more daily movement in your everyday.

Here are some small changes that you can add to your daily life to ensure that an activity tracker won’t catch you snoozing:

  • Hide the remote for one week so you have to get up from your seat to change the channel. Gives new meaning to “channel surfing”.
  • Take the family for a walk around the block after dinner. Leave the empty dinner plates on the table and go for a stroll right after eating. Then come back and clean the table as a family.
  • Park in a spot far from the front of the grocery store. And just think how much exercise it will be when that grocery cart is loaded down on the way out.
  • Walk your student to and from school.  Even if you don’t live close to your school, park a safe distance from the entrance and allow ten extra minutes for those little legs to travel.


small changes. BIG RESULTS.

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