Artist Room Creations – support a young artist

My daughter is talented. Super talented. And focused. Especially when it comes to creating something really beautiful. Like the paintings that she has for sale.  She will stay at her easel for hours to get her paintings just the way she likes. I don’t get it as I have limited artistic skills, but I loveContinue reading “Artist Room Creations – support a young artist”

Personal Metrics – Runner’s World Gear Lab

Wearables are everywhere. Everyone seems to have one. Beginner fitness trackers that spit out how many steps a person takes each day all the way up to how well someone is recovering between their workouts in the more advanced models. Not only are these devices trying to tell exercise enthusiasts how much they need toContinue reading “Personal Metrics – Runner’s World Gear Lab”

Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager – Product Review

I recently attended the National Athletic Trainers Association Clinical Symposia and Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana. I attend this summer meeting regularly and am always amazed at the wonderful new research and clinical experiences that folks are willing to share and help others learn. But I am also astounded at all the new therapy products thatContinue reading “Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager – Product Review”

National Running Day – Top 5 items to get you started

Today is National Running Day. And while this is not a “Hallmark holiday” and does not meet the U.S. government’s standards to give the nation off, it is a day where we get together to celebrate what we love to do…run. And whether you are tall or short, old or young, fast or slow, aContinue reading “National Running Day – Top 5 items to get you started”