Sleep…the hidden elixir of life and performance?

There have been years of countless articles touting the benefits of getting enough sleep. But along with those informational articles are plenty of questions that arise: Should I get 7 hours or 9 hours of sleep? Do I sacrifice an hour of sleep to get in an extra hour of training or exercise? Will gettingContinue reading “Sleep…the hidden elixir of life and performance?”

Stand up…it may make you feel better

Before I start, please stand up. Ok, now you can begin reading. In a recent issue of the American Journal of Health Studies, Dr. Myia Graves Mrs. Carrie Edwards, Dr. Eddie Hebert, Dr. Dan Hollander, and myself (the whole team teaches at Southeastern Louisiana University together) had an article published about the effects of standingContinue reading “Stand up…it may make you feel better”