Stand up…it may make you feel better

stand up desk

Before I start, please stand up.

Ok, now you can begin reading.

In a recent issue of the American Journal of Health Studies, Dr. Myia Graves Mrs. Carrie Edwards, Dr. Eddie Hebert, Dr. Dan Hollander, and myself (the whole team teaches at Southeastern Louisiana University together) had an article published about the effects of standing desks in the college classroom.

While you can read the article HERE on Research Gate, the most substantial thing that I took away from our initial project of adjustable desks in the classroom was that student mood was better on days when they stood. That is substantial! So if you may be feeling down in the dumps or are a bit sluggish, stand up. It may help you change.

While as a faculty unit we tend to embrace the standing or adjustable desks (see Andrew enjoying my Flexispot at the beginning of this school year), discovering that our college students may find a benefit in them as well may pave the path for other populations to embrace them more fully.

Office stand up desk




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