Morning Feet

Here is a simple, effective way to “wake up” your feet in the morning. No special equipment is really needed. It takes only a few minutes and can have lasting positive effects on your athletic performance and overall health.

  • Ankle circles (rotate your foot 15x clockwise, 15x counterclockwise)
  • Gas pedals (push down and pull back your foot as if on a car gas pedal; 15x/foot)
  • Toe curls/extensions (15x/foot)
  • Arch massage (dig your thumbs into your arch using strong, lengthwise strokes; 1:00/foot)
  • Single leg balance (stand on one leg and maintain your balance; :30/leg, work up to 1:00/leg)
  • Toe yoga (alternate raising and lowering Great Toe while doing the opposite with your other four toes; 10-15x) – Jay Dicharry and Dr. Mark Cucuzzella explain it very well in this video (about 2:30 mark)
  • toe yoga

All exercises should be performed barefoot and should be done each morning – at the very minimum.

If you have any trouble getting your feet to begin “working”, I would suggest getting a pair of Dr. Ray McClanahan’s Correct Toes and start wearing them everyday. They are magic!



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