You Have To Crawl Before You Can Walk

We have all heard that expression used in a number of different ways – attending to small work details to build towards larger ones, a golfer practicing his putting before hitting the driving range, and then literally, a baby learning to crawl before he can walk. Last night, I participated in an activity for theContinue reading “You Have To Crawl Before You Can Walk”

Dynamic Warm-up from a Pro

Many of you think that we are not in the same league as a professional distance runner.  And you are right.  They have a different life – they eat, sleep, and run. But we can learn from them and adapt it for our lives and become better at what we enjoy doing – running. IContinue reading “Dynamic Warm-up from a Pro”

Give Me a Break! Discussion with Dr. Ryan Green on Trail Runner Nation

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST NOW (a new window will open the podcast page on TRN for your listening pleasure) Dr. Ryan Green is a certified athletic trainer and holds a doctorate in kinesiology.  He is a father, husband, runner and cancer survivor.  He recently discovered the benefits of taking a running break.  We covered theContinue reading “Give Me a Break! Discussion with Dr. Ryan Green on Trail Runner Nation”