Tactics for Last-Minute Exam Prep and Success

Southeastern Louisiana University Kinesiology and Health Studies Instructor Mr. Brad Borland (he has a great website…read HERE) and I were guests on the Southeastern Center for Faculty Excellence Faculty Pride Podcast.  Finals start next week for our students so we were fortunate enough to impart some tips on the listeners to guide them to short-term success (fingers crossed).  We will be backContinue reading “Tactics for Last-Minute Exam Prep and Success”

Dear Yankee…”Recipe for Harmony”

In the January/February 2021 issue of Yankee Magazine, pie was a hot topic (sorry, couldn’t avoid the warm food pun).  “The Comfort of Pie: Something we can all agree on” went into depth about two areas that I particularly enjoyed: the tools of the trade for pie makers and the stories behind why people makeContinue reading “Dear Yankee…”Recipe for Harmony””

Viewing the World Through a Child’s Eyes at the 2020 Southland Conference Cross-Country Championships

Have you ever had the chance to stop and watch the world through a child’s eyes? Especially your own child’s eyes. It is something magical. I had that chance recently when Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) had the chance to host the 2020 Southland Conference Cross-Country Championships (actually held February 2021 due to a delay thanksContinue reading “Viewing the World Through a Child’s Eyes at the 2020 Southland Conference Cross-Country Championships”