Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager – Product Review

I recently attended the National Athletic Trainers Association Clinical Symposia and Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana. I attend this summer meeting regularly and am always amazed at the wonderful new research and clinical experiences that folks are willing to share and help others learn. But I am also astounded at all the new therapy products thatContinue reading “Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager – Product Review”

National Running Day – Top 5 items to get you started

Today is National Running Day. And while this is not a “Hallmark holiday” and does not meet the U.S. government’s standards to give the nation off, it is a day where we get together to celebrate what we love to do…run. And whether you are tall or short, old or young, fast or slow, aContinue reading “National Running Day – Top 5 items to get you started”

The Principles of Natural Running with Dr. Mark

I am humbled to call Dr. Mark Cucuzzella a friend.  Mark and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet in 2011 at a specialty running meeting hosted by Newton Running in Boulder, Colorado (yeah, I know…real tough place to have a meeting).  (I’m pictured here with Jay Dicharry and Dr. Mark.  We had just run up FlagstaffContinue reading “The Principles of Natural Running with Dr. Mark”

You Have To Crawl Before You Can Walk

We have all heard that expression used in a number of different ways – attending to small work details to build towards larger ones, a golfer practicing his putting before hitting the driving range, and then literally, a baby learning to crawl before he can walk. Last night, I participated in an activity for theContinue reading “You Have To Crawl Before You Can Walk”

Dynamic Warm-up from a Pro

Many of you think that we are not in the same league as a professional distance runner.  And you are right.  They have a different life – they eat, sleep, and run. But we can learn from them and adapt it for our lives and become better at what we enjoy doing – running. IContinue reading “Dynamic Warm-up from a Pro”

April 2014 Running Times article

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella from the Natural Running Center, physical therapist Trent Nessler with ACL: Accelerated Conditioning and Learning, and I put together this easy warm-up sequence for those that are tight on time, but still want to get a quality multi-move warm-up.  Do it a few times and it becomes second nature.  Your muscles and jointsContinue reading “April 2014 Running Times article”