Viewing the World Through a Child’s Eyes at the 2020 Southland Conference Cross-Country Championships

Have you ever had the chance to stop and watch the world through a child’s eyes? Especially your own child’s eyes. It is something magical. I had that chance recently when Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) had the chance to host the 2020 Southland Conference Cross-Country Championships (actually held February 2021 due to a delay thanksContinue reading “Viewing the World Through a Child’s Eyes at the 2020 Southland Conference Cross-Country Championships”

The Mental Cost of Changing Your Stride

I was graciously asked by Jonathan Beverly, Editor/Runner-in-Chief, from PodiumRunner to contribute to this piece.  Thanks to writer Laura Peill for putting my thoughts into understandable text. If you are looking for the option of traditional health check the top 8 Health Tips From Traditional Chinese Medicine. Enjoy!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED – My 2016 Marine Corps Marathon storybook

  I had waited over two years for this day to come. On my training runs, I would sometimes close my eyes and imagine running the course. As the finish line would approach, I would have the “perfect image” in my head of what the last few hundred yards would look like…feel like to me.Continue reading “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED – My 2016 Marine Corps Marathon storybook”

Personal Metrics – Runner’s World Gear Lab

Wearables are everywhere. Everyone seems to have one. Beginner fitness trackers that spit out how many steps a person takes each day all the way up to how well someone is recovering between their workouts in the more advanced models. Not only are these devices trying to tell exercise enthusiasts how much they need toContinue reading “Personal Metrics – Runner’s World Gear Lab”

Sports Medicine Broadcast: Running mechanics

Building a better human is a better way to run better. But we have the bodies we are born with.  When it comes to running, there are certain things you can do to move better. Have a listen as Jeremy Jackson,  Josh Yellen, and I sit down and talk about running mechanics. Hope you enjoy!Continue reading “Sports Medicine Broadcast: Running mechanics”

Sports Medicine Broadcast: Listener spotlight

Had the wonderful opportunity to tell my story of facing cancer and what I have learned as a result of it with Jeremy Jackson of the Sports Medicine Broadcast. The Sports Medicine Broadcast is an informative series of podcasts that Jeremy, and University of Houston Athletic Training Program faculty member Josh Yellen, host with guestsContinue reading “Sports Medicine Broadcast: Listener spotlight”

Running for Your Life: Steps you can take for a lifetime of running enjoyment

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST NOW! Here I talk with the gang from Trail Runner Nation about the importance of running or moving for your entire life and how you can do it. Stuff we mentioned: Candice Burt’s 200/100 daily workout Running Times Masters Runners 10-Minute Strength Circuit Book, “Play: How it Shapes the Brain, OpensContinue reading “Running for Your Life: Steps you can take for a lifetime of running enjoyment”