Dear Yankee…”Recipe for Harmony”

Yankee Jan_Feb cover

In the January/February 2021 issue of Yankee Magazine, pie was a hot topic (sorry, couldn’t avoid the warm food pun).  “The Comfort of Pie: Something we can all agree on” went into depth about two areas that I particularly enjoyed: the tools of the trade for pie makers and the stories behind why people make pies.

The tools of pie making are something that I clearly take for granted as I typically use just anything we have in our modest home kitchen. But when you look at the craft of pie making, the development of those tools are a craft as well and those that make the tools are true artisans. While you can read about them in the issue, I feel it is important that these craftspeople get recognition so that you can patronize their work. And please do!

Blackkat Leather

Campfire Pottery

Vermont Rolling Pins

Maple Lane Pottery

Linney Kenney Leather

Wicks Forge

Erica Moody Fine Metal Work

Big Picture Farm

This past December, parents drove down from New Jersey to spend a few weeks with us. One of the first things that my Dad and my daughter, Emma, did was to make my Dad’s famous apple pie that he has been doing for years. As you can see from the pictures, a good time was had by all.


IMG_2970IMG_2978 (1)

But what really struck me early this year when I read “Baking Power“, was the harmony of life that surrounds pie making. While I was able to comfortably sit back and read this issue of Yankee in the safety of my home, it was a time of civil unrest in many parts of the United States. So I had time to reflect on what I was reading and how pie making has brought together my family.

So once the holidays had passed, and we got into January and near the anniversary of Dr.          King’s birthday, I took my chances at my own pie making that would honor the man that stood up for others, Dr. King, and also honor the man that had showed me so much about family, my Dad. The Civil Rights Spiced Sweet Potato Pie seemed like the perfect one to make.

Civil Rights Sweet Potato PieCivil Rights Sweet Potato Pie - 2Civil Rights Sweet Potato Pie - 3

And wouldn’t you know, it was actually edible too.


But as I sampled my creation and read that issue of Yankee again, I felt compelled to share my feelings about what the experience meant to me with the editors at Yankee. Much to my surprise, it was published in the May/June 2021 issue in the “Dear Yankee” section on the magazine.My Dear Yankee

So while things my continue be unsettled in parts of the world, one thing that most people can agree on and gather around is food. Eat up and listen up.

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