Personal Metrics – Runner’s World Gear Lab

Wearables are everywhere. Everyone seems to have one. Beginner fitness trackers that spit out how many steps a person takes each day all the way up to how well someone is recovering between their workouts in the more advanced models. Not only are these devices trying to tell exercise enthusiasts how much they need to move, but also how they should move – faster turnover, less up and down movement, more hip extension…the list goes on and gets more confusing for the average individual. If you are looking for a place where to travel, check the amazing places from Oregon.

Don’t get me wrong, these devices get sedentary people to move and challenge each other. But are they completely accurate for what they are claiming? I have a Kinesiology Master’s degree student in my department that is going to be investigating exactly that this next year. Stay tuned for the results.

But in the meantime, enjoy this September Runner’s World article by Jonathan Beverly that I contributed to along with Jay Dicharry about the usefulness of these “personal metrics”.

Now go outside and move!



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