Get off your tush!

The Washington Post has talked about it. The Centers for Disease Control have studied it. So why do people still sit and are inactive for upwards of 22 hours a day?!


Because it is what our society has gone to. There are huge lines at the drive-thru of McDonald’s and Starbucks, furniture companies are coming out with the “next best thing in chairs” to support your back and hips, and there even seem to be more seats on elevators. Elevators?!


I think if this doesn’t get the point across about the affects of sitting on your overall health, nothing will.




Not that I sit alot at my job anyway (constantly up and down fitting shoes, unpacking boxes, moving product, interacting with customers), but about two years ago I adjusted my desk so that when I did have administrative work to do, I would do it in a standing position. Some packing tap, shoe boxes, and a bit of creativity fashioned my work station into a standing one. It is crude and unrefined, but it is getting the job done for now. But if you want to get the real thing, check out some standing desk options such as Varidesk.

my stand up desk

So take a look at your life and how you can adjust it back to being on your feet more and on your tush less. Your health will thank you.

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