Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager – Product Review

I recently attended the National Athletic Trainers Association Clinical Symposia and Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana. I attend this summer meeting regularly and am always amazed at the wonderful new research and clinical experiences that folks are willing to share and help others learn. But I am also astounded at all the new therapy products that are rolled out in the exposition hall. Sometimes I feel like a kid in a candy store!

One product that has been on the market for a few years and has proven successful in my store is the Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager. The Tiger Tail is a  very simple design without any bells and whistles, but many applicable uses in sport and everyday life. It is basically a super-fancy rolling pin with tremendous trigger point release properties when in the right hands. And anyone’s hands are the right hands. TigerTail-3

The hard foam and plastic roller part (the black part here) is virtually indestructible (we tried to snap it in half and it wouldn’t budge as do other massage rollers) and the hand grips have a soft, textured rubber feel to allow a user to exert max pressure without fear of hand irritation. It is very portable unlike the commonly used foam rollers, comes in a variety of styles (22″, 18″, Roadster, Runabout), and is made right here in the USA. It really is an awesome tool.  But if you don’t believe me, then listen to Spring Fausett, inventor of the Tiger Tail, talk about it herself.


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