Birthday Reflection

Today is my 39th birthday. I am the only son of Roger and Cathy Green and the oldest child (my little sister, Elise, is three years younger). I’ll bet when my parents had me, they wondered what I would do as I grew up the same way that my wife, Jill, and I wonder what our kids will do as they grow up. Well, from an early age, I ran. I ran on my soccer team. I ran on my track team. I ran around the neighborhood – Tag, Jailbreak, Run the Bases. If it involved running, I probably did it growing up.

So how do things change as we grow older? Well, now we run to keep our health up, our weight down, and get bonus points at work because we logged 10,000 steps today (where the heck did that number come from?!) and get an extra hour of pay for doing it. When is the run just for the run anymore? When folks ask me why I run these days my answer is probably the same as when I was younger – BECAUSE I CAN.

My body is still performing relatively well and I want to squeeze every ounce out of it before it can’t go anymore. There will be a time and a place in my life when I won’t be able to run. Today is not that day.

So see you later. I’m going for a run…for 39:00.

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