The Principles of Natural Running with Dr. Mark

I am humbled to call Dr. Mark Cucuzzella a friend.  Mark and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet in 2011 at a specialty running meeting hosted by Newton Running in Boulder, Colorado (yeah, I know…real tough place to have a meeting). Jay, Mark, and me (I’m pictured here with Jay Dicharry and Dr. Mark.  We had just run up Flagstaff Mountain in Boudler.)

During that trip we realized our mutual appreciation for the human machine and our passion to keep runners healthy. Since then, my running store has become an affiliate of his Natural Running Center (he is the executive director), we have worked together on healthy running clinics in Louisiana, and have collaborated on some educational pieces for the running community (April 2014 Running Times).

Besides Dr. Mark’s tremendous accolades as an athlete (he continues to run sub-2:40 marathons in his early-40’s and is a regular at the Boston Marathon), he is a family physician, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force, and regularly conducts healthy running clinics around the world. Busy man that can run fast!

He has produced the most clear and concise video I have seen about running in a more natural and healthy manner.  It is one thing to talk about good running form, but it is something entirely different to describe it and show it accurately and in an understandable manner.  Dr. Mark and his staff do it wonderfully in the video.

So go check it out.  It may just be the best 8:26 you spend learning about running…ever.



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