Dynamic Warm-up from a Pro

Many of you think that we are not in the same league as a professional distance runner.  And you are right.  They have a different life – they eat, sleep, and run. But we can learn from them and adapt it for our lives and become better at what we enjoy doing – running. I love seeing videos like this and then finding ways to fit it into my everyday life as a husband, a dad, an entrepreneur, and an athlete. I might grab parts of a video like this and do it before my runs and then I may also take the whole sequence and do it as a stand alone workout for a day when I am not running. Have to find a way to fit it in to the daily life.

Here Dathan Ritzenhein, professional distance runner with the Nike Oregon Project and former American record holder in the 5,000 meters, will take you through a series of dynamic flexibility movements to get you ready to run. Dynamic flexibility has a greater benefit in pre-workout warm-up than static stretching in that it gets the body loose and coordinated without weakening the muscles or tendons in the body.  Watch this well-produced video by Gatorade, take some notes, and then take these movements out to your next run.  You’ll feel a difference…I promise.

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